Opening a church entails many details, including furniture, such as a podium, an altar and chairs or pews. When a congregation is just starting and does not have the support of a council, it may be difficult to preach to the choir, so to speak. Flexibility and resourcefulness can help a minister fill these needs so he can concentrate his energy on spiritual matters.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

If you know there is another local church renovating, contact them either in writing or by visiting their office. Let them know your needs and that you would be willing to cart away anything they no longer need and you could use. You could also post a free ad in your local Pennysaver, Pennypincher or whatever paper offers free classified ads in your area. Also, check all your local classified ads for used church furniture.


One step further from directly requesting, is putting the word out. You can ask at local churches and church thrift stores if the attendants know about any churches that are renovating or closing. Let them know your story, with love and enthusiasm, and leave your church's contact information.

Using the Internet

The Internet can be an invaluable tool to help you find church furniture for cheap or free. If you want new furniture, a search for "discount church furniture" or "discount pulpits" will lead to sites where you can compare prices and get the best possible price. Check for new and used pulpits and altars at competitive prices. There are also sites where churches post free used furniture or their furniture needs (see Resources). You can post your needs on or at no cost as well, and check their listings regularly for items that are being offered for sale and for free.