How to Write a Sponsor Letter for an Event

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A sponsor can benefit your organization’s programs and events by providing financial support or donating supplies or other goods. When you request sponsorship from a corporation or a business, it is important to write a letter clearly asking for what your organization needs. It is also key for organizations to consider how they can publicly acknowledge sponsors prior to writing a formal request.

Step 1

Make a list of all potential sponsors, and determine to which of those you want to submit a sponsorship letter.

Step 2

Find out who the sponsorship letter should be addressed to by finding the name of the general manager or owner of the company. Some companies have a specific person who reviews all donation requests.

Step 3

Outline the needs of your organization’s event by making a clear outline of the supplies you will need to complete the event and the financial needs to help make your event successful.

Step 4

Type the date that you will be sending your letter. In other words, if you are writing the letter in advance, use the date that you plan to actually mail the letter.

Step 5

Type the title of the person you wish to address as well as that person's mailing address.

Step 6

Write a description of your organization, including when it was founded and the company's mission. Describe the event for which you are requesting funding, including why the event is of importance to your company. Include the date and time of the event. Describe who will be in attendance and what publicity you are expecting.

Step 7

Request the company’s sponsorship by making it clear how grateful your organization would be if they could sponsor the event in any capacity.

Step 8

Provide details of what you can offer the company in exchange for their sponsorship. This should include publicizing the company’s contribution in annual reports and/or newsletters as well as publicity for them on your organization’s Web site. Maybe it would include some signage or recognition at the actual event.

Step 9

Close the letter by thanking them for taking the time to review your request for sponsorship.

Step 10

Type your name, address, and phone number.

Step 11

Sign your full name, and include your position within your organization.

Step 12

Prepare the letter by sending it in a business-size envelope, and ensure there is proper postage. If you have a brochure for the event, you may choose to include a copy for the potential sponsor's review.