Since much of the daily work in any organization is done by work groups, or teams, it’s crucial for team members to perform as a highly effective unit. This only happens when the members of the team have good relationships and a conviction that, working together, the team will always out-perform an individual. When group members are all the same gender, it’s necessary for the team leader to find activities tailored to the group’s specific interests. A group of women who work on the same project can feel much more connected after sharing team-building activities.

Planning the Event

If you’re the leader planning the team-building event, give yourself plenty of time to ferret out ideas. Build up the event by inviting the women on the team to give you ideas on how they would like the event to unfold. Try to plan some team activities that your organization hasn’t used. Find a place off-site to hold the event. Bill the team-building time as a way for the ladies in your organization to get away and enjoy some down time. A weekend at a nice spa can be a great way to get people excited. Stress that you don’t plan to fill every minute with preplanned activities. The women will have time to just relax, enjoy some pampering and get to know each other. But also be conscious of family commitments. A single mom with three children may not be able to get away easily.


Get the event going with an icebreaker activity. Divide the employees into groups and tell them to come up with 15 things they have in common. Maybe everybody has children, or perhaps they all get a weekly manicure. Remind them they can’t use body parts, since that’s too easy. They probably all have eyebrows.


Continue the event with some easy activities. Try a parody of a game show, such as “Family Feud” or "Jeopardy," and ask questions about each individual, as well as some about the company. Plan an activity to see who has the most unusual item in her purse. If you get your team-building event off to a fun and lighthearted start, you’re sure to have a good weekend.

Solve a Problem Together

Divide the ladies into groups and have them solve a problem. They’re stuck on a deserted island with only six items available from civilization, along with whatever natural resources they can find on the island. What will they do to survive? How will they used those six items in creative ways?

Outdoor Fun

In warm weather, outdoor activities can be fun and creative. Any type of pool fun, such as a relay race, can encourage the women to work together. But be sensitive. Some of the participants may be self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit.Try your own version of “Iron Chef.” Give each team a grill and the same ingredients to see who can come up with the most creative dish.

Critique the Event

Once the event is over, and everybody is back at work, send out feedback sheets so team members can critique the weekend. Their thoughts and feelings will help them feel a part of the process, and you’ll have information to help you plan the next team-building event.