How Do I Get My Book on Amazon?

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As an author or publisher, join the Amazon Advantage Program. After you apply and are accepted, Amazon will list your new books and handle payment processing, fulfillment and customer service. The Amazon Marketplace Seller Program is another channel for listing your books on With either program, you can get access to the tens of millions buying at If your “book” is in digital file format but not in printed format, there are two options for getting it listed for sale on Amazon: Amazon Books-on-Demand Services and the Amazon Kindle Store.

Amazon Advantage Program

The Amazon Advantage Program is for new products from media producers, including book publishers and authors. Used products and author-signed collectibles are not eligible. To become an Advantage participant, you must have Internet and email access, an user ID and password, North American distribution rights for each book, and a bar code on the back cover of each that maps to a valid ISBN. Costs to participate in the Amazon Advantage Program include an annual fee of $29.95, a 55-percent commission on the sale of each item and the cost of shipping products to the distribution centers.

Before you can participate in the Amazon Advantage Program, you must agree to comply with the Advantage “Membership Agreement” and its “Instructions & Rules.” To review these documents, go to To set up an Advantage account, select the “Apply Now” button, complete the application and enroll at least one product. Amazon usually sends an email message within 24 hours welcoming applicants to the Advantage Program.

If have high-priced titles of a medical, scholarly or technical nature, or represent a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you may apply for an Advantage Professional discounted commission rate. Self-help and how-to books do not qualify for Advantage Professional rates. You must have at least five books that meet Advantage Professional criteria, and the per-unit retail price of each must be at least $35.

Amazon Marketplace Seller Program

You can sell books in new, returned, used or author-signed collectible condition through an Amazon Marketplace Seller Program. Marketplace Seller transactions occur directly between seller and buyer. The seller lists, ships and handles customer service. Amazon provides payment processing. As a marketplace seller, once your book listing appears, you can ensure that it is never “out of stock.” Amazon retains a percentage of the sale price and a closing fee for each book. There is an additional fee of $0.99 per item sold through the Individual Marketplace Seller Program and a monthly fee of $39.99 for the Pro Merchant Marketplace Seller Program.

Amazon Books-on-Demand Services

If you have electronic files but no printed copies of your book, you can get it listed and available for sale on by using the print-on-demand fulfillment services of Amazon CreateSpace will even assign an ISBN if you don’t have one, but CreateSpace will be listed as the publisher. If this is not what you want, as a publisher you can get your own ISBN number. CreateSpace book listing set up on and the use of its online tools are free. Your books are printed as your customers order, and you receive a royalty for each sale. No upfront investments in inventory and warehousing are required. CreateSpace handles fulfillment and customer service for your online retail orders. To get started using the CreateSpace free book production tools, go to

Amazon Kindle Store

Another option for getting your book on Amazon is to use the Amazon Digital Text Platform (DTP) Service to convert your electronic files to the format used by the Kindle. Your files can be in one of many different formats, including hypertext markup language (.HTML), plain text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc, not .docx) and Adobe Reader (.pdf). Amazon reports that .HTML files have the best conversion results. Upload the file, then preview the Kindle version. If you want to make changes, download the converted file, edit and upload back to the Amazon DTP. To learn about formatting the downloaded and converted file, search the DTP forums. After you have completed this process, your book will be listed for sale in the Amazon Kindle store. To create your Kindle book listing and convert your files, go to