Plans to Make a Brochure Rack

Brochure racks are good to have available in the lobby of your business so that literature about your business and others in your area, building, or town are available. Brochure racks are all about the easy access to information for prospective customers, so the brochures themselves should be attractive, easy to notice, and even easier to pick up and look at.

Pick a Spot

Picking the perfect spot to display your brochure rack is one of the most important things to know before making your brochure rack. The brochure rack should first be in a high foot traffic area, such as by a cash register or doorway, where customers will regularly see these brochures while they are waiting or walking by. However, they shouldn't be in the way of any of these foot traffic areas because then they just come off as annoying, rather than something interesting to discover within the business or area.

How to Display

There are a wide variety of brochures which can be displayed in different ways. Many brochure holders show off individual pamphlets in rows and these are usually held by wooden or plastic holders with rows. There are wire brochure racks in which loose leaf brochures can be folded over and easily picked up. It all depends on how you want the brochures to be seen and displayed. Different colors or designs to brochures can catch people's eyes as can brochure racks which are raised to a height that is easy for someone to peruse and grab. These are all things that should be taken into account before making a brochure rack.

Materials to Make a Rack

Brochure racks can be made out of wood, plastic, or metal. Plastic brochure racks should usually be custom made or adapted from another piece of furniture which might possibly work for these purposes. A wooden rack can be made with the right measurements and amount of wood, screws, tools and a limited amount of construction knowledge. A metal rack can be made from pieces of metal which can be screwed or welded together into a smaller series of shelves. The most important thing about the construction of these brochure racks is that the brochures are able to stand up on their own, so that people can easily see them and pick them up.