The Best Way to Sell Watches Online

Once you get a new watch, your old watch is pretty much useless. Unless it has sentimental value, there is no reason to let it collect dust in your dresser drawer. Spending a few minutes online, you will find many options for you to get rid of your old watch. You can always recycle it for free, but if you want to get some money for it, you'll have to look around a little bit harder.

Online Marketplace

If you have one watch that you're looking to get rid of, and you have a specific price in mind, you can list it yourself on an online marketplace. Cragslist and eBay are two popular site for private selling. EBay will allow you to auction off your watch or set a price that you want for it. Craigslist will have you list a set price for your watch, but it tends to be more local. You're more likely to sell your watch to somebody in your area and avoid shipping costs. EBay tends to gather a more international audience and you might end up shipping your watch half way around the world.

If you want to target Web users looking specifically for watches, you can sell your watch on the Global Watch Market. They will allow you to list one watch and photo for free and won't collect any commission on your sales. If you'd like to sell more, you can upgrade your membership accordingly. Distributors can also open an account and sell watches in bulk.

Trade In

If you don't want to go through the hassle of selling your watch, you can simply trade it into a site that buys watches. Things We Buy is a company that has spent 20 years buying people's unwanted jewelry. They accept several different types of watches and offer competitive rates. If you're looking to turn your unwanted watch into quick cash, selling it to a dealer is your best bet. The dealer will sell your watch for a profit, so you may not get paid what you would like for it. You can usually try to bargain with the jeweler, however. If you have a really rare watch, it shouldn't be hard to get what it's worth. Look around at a couple different places before you trade your watch in.


Depending on what type, and how many watches you want to sell, there are a couple different places that may be the best place for you to sell your watch. If you don't really care about it and just want some quick cash, you should check out a jewelry dealer. If you want to get a specific amount of money for your watch, try online classifieds like Craigslist. And if you want to sell more than one watch, an international market place like eBay or the Global Watch Market will work best.