Brochure Styles Ideas

Through having an effective brochure, you can reach out to a potential customer base. Though content is important when it comes to delivering the right message to your audience, brochure style ideas are vital in getting your audience to pick up the brochure in the first place. Realistically, it's important to consider your company's budget when thinking about brochure style ideas.

Consider your budget and plan

Having an attention-grabbing full color, fully glossed brochure would be ideal. However, you must first take into account what your budget is before designing your brochure. Printing online is typically cheaper than physical locations. If you do consider printing online, it's important to check the reputation of the store first. Then after you've chosen a place to print, make sure to plan for time to get a proof before going to the presses, while making sure this all occurs with ample time before deadline.

Figure out your brochure's objective and pick a layout

A wide range of brochures exist with varying purposes. Many companies use brochures as purely a marketing tool or informational tool. Others completely rely on their brochures to sell their products or programs. Once you figure out your brochure's objective, you can decide what shape and size your brochure should be. Tri-fold brochures or magazine-style brochures are common brochure layouts. However, if you can fit all your information on a half-page, while maintaining a user-friendly design, then maybe your brochure only needs to be that size. Once you decide your layout based on your company's individual needs, this will have a clearer perspective on what the rest of your budget will look like.

Develop your ideas based upon your budget

Sometimes, you have to get even more creative in order to maximize on budget. Not all of us are lucky to have an unlimited budget when it comes to designing a brochure. However, by knowing your brochure's objective, you can realize what's truly important when it comes to investing in design. If you dream of a full color brochure, consider spot coloring instead (choosing 1-2 colors to highlight certain selling-points or features). You can even reserve full color and gloss for just the cover pages of your brochure which can help instantly capture reader interest. There are other factors to weigh when it comes to brochure style ideas. For example, when choosing paper type, consider the advantage that your company's reputation will gain if you switch over to recycled paper and letting them know this. Or you may have chosen a layout that doesn't require a lot of pages, so that you can afford full gloss color copies. When considering brochure style ideas, it's important to be sure that each style choice helps support your brochure's objective.