Warehouse Fire Safety Procedures

It is extremely important to have a list of warehouse fire safety procedures for staff to follow. Each staff member should review these frequently. You should hold monthly review meetings. The goal is for warehouse users to be confident about what to do in the event of a warehouse fire emergency. Planning, implementing and educating about warehouse fire safety procedures could save a life.

Workable Evacuation Plans

It's important to know how to get out of the warehouse, particularly in the event of a fire. Draw a block sketch of the warehouse and its layout. Clearly label fire exits and fire extinguisher locations. Place red arrows indicating direct paths to take to these exits. Post the warehouse fire evacuation plans in highly visible areas on warehouse walls, employee break room walls and on the wall by the time clock.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Almost anyone you talk to will be able to tell you what a fire extinguisher is and its function. However, many people have no idea how to operate a fire extinguisher. Train employees on the proper way to use a fire extinguisher. Let them practice to build confidence and skill. Walk employees through the warehouse and show them the location of the fire extinguishers. Bimonthly, review these procedures with all staff members.

Trash Removal

Trash can pose a significant fire hazard in warehouses. It's especially important to emphasize to employees that trash removal is necessary for warehouse fire safety. Provide plenty of trash containers. Inspect the warehouse daily to ensure trash containers and pallets are not blocking any direct paths to the fire exits. Refer to your workable evacuation plans to know which areas should be completely free of items, including trash and pallets. Limit the height of pallets to 6 feet.

Communicate with the Local Fire Department

A warehouse fire can spread extremely fast in comparison to other types of fires. Let the local fire department know what types of items are stored in the warehouse. If your company adds additional types of items, immediately notify the local fire department. Visit the local fire department and meet the firefighters that help protect your community. Have a firefighter appreciation event at your company at least once a year. Firefighters will be familiar with your company and its location. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the local fire department will not only know where you are located but will know what types of materials are on fire to better prepare for the emergency.