Lack of parental guidance and role models for the youth have moved some people to create youth mentoring programs. A youth mentoring program focuses on helping teenagers improve all aspects of their lives by providing adult mentors who can guide them and give them the care and attention they need. However, not all parents are aware of the help that a youth mentoring program can give. Promoting a youth mentoring program is essential to disseminate information and encourage parents as well as teenagers to be part of this program.

Step 1.

Make person-to-person contact with the members of your community. Starting with a small group of family and friends will prepare you to make further contact with bigger groups in the future. Let them know about your program by inviting them to attend a small event or seminar given by you. The purpose of the seminar is to orient them with the objectives and goals of the program. You can ask these family members, neighbors and friends to help you out by being the first participants of the youth mentoring program. Keep track of the people who have shown interest in your program and call them to find out when they are going to let their children join the youth mentoring program.

Step 2.

Visit schools, organizations, companies and neighboring areas to promote your program. Arrange to meet with the head of the school, teachers and employers from nearby areas to inform them about the program. Schedule an appointment and inform them about the goals and activities of your program. Provide as much information about the program and be open for questions and inquiries. Remember that you must build a long-term relationship based on trust and sincerity. The relationship you build with these people is crucial in making your program successful.

Step 3.

Use print media to further promote your program. Distribute newsletters and fliers to keep current and potential participants informed about recent events and future activities that you plan to organize. You may include some inspiring stories of participants who have successfully achieved the goals of the program. Keep your target participants constantly updated to maintain their interest in the program.

Step 4.

Create a website for your youth mentoring program. The Internet can be a big help in disseminating information about your program. You can reach distant areas and have discussions, forums or chats with parents and youth who are interested in participating in your program. You can post photos of past activities and events as well as stories of the youth who have been part of the program. Keep your website fun and interesting to encourage future participants to constantly visit your site and eventually sign up for the program.

Step 5.

Sponsor youth-oriented activities such as concerts, charity marathons and fundraisers. Get the teens to volunteer in the activities and events. Both parents and children can take part in any of these interesting and exciting activities. This way, you can promote your program and raise funds for it at the same time.