How to Get Luxury Silent Auction Donations

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Silent auctions are effective fundraisers for a school, charity or other organization. The more enticing the items up for auction, the greater the participation. Even one or two high-end items can increase attendance and increase the participation and bidding on smaller items, as well, as yield more donations for the organization. Finding a luxury silent auction donation requires contact with all potential donors and resources and requires all of the organization's members to reach out to their families, friends and other resources for assistance.

Assemble a committee to solicit donations. The size of the committee should be proportionate to the number of donations you are looking for. The larger the committee, the more potential donors you can reach.

Research potential donors. Members of the organization can give the names of friends or family who work for a luxury goods company or have a luxury item, like a box seat at a sporting event, they may be able to donate. Brainstorm local businesses to contact.

Draft donation request letters. Letters should be personalized and include what donation you are asking for, information about the organization that will benefit, and whether or not the donation is tax deductible.

Deliver the letters and request to potential donors. Your committee may deliver them in person or mail them and follow up with a phone call. A personal touch increases the odds of response.

Think outside the box. A celebrity or politician with a tie to your organization may be willing to donate for your cause if approached.

Solicit small cash donations to be used to purchase a luxury item. If you cannot get one person to donate a big ticket item, you may be able to find a group willing to pitch in to purchase a computer, iPad, video game system or other hot item to donate as a group.