Ways to Make Money Online Without Spending Money

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Usually it takes money to make money in business. However, the Internet provides opportunities to go into business or make extra money without having to first make a financial investment. Your desktop or laptop computer plus Internet access can provide you with ways to make money online--without spending money--and allow you to put all the profits into your pocket.

Online Surveys

One way to make money online without spending money is through participating in online surveys. Some companies use online survey sites to get opinions from various consumers in order to understand what people think about their products and services. You can search online for survey sites that provide free membership and access to surveys covering such topics as entertainment, new products, sports and shopping. Surveys vary in the number of questions and length of completion time, as well as compensation, and you can join several survey sites to make extra money. You can complete surveys that will pay you a few dollars each or that will provide you with gift cards or credits on a spending account, such as Amazon and Paypal.

Sell Items Online

Do you have items around your home that you no longer want? You may not have a need for that sofa, computer printer or the television that you had replaced with a flat screen, but someone else probably does. You can make money online by selling these items on websites, such as Craigslist, where you can place the ad for free and make arrangements for buyers to pick up their purchases. You get to set your own price and decide whether to give negotiation room or not. Instead of having a yard sale to make extra money, hoping for good weather and for a steady stream of traffic, you can advertise online for free and increase the potential for interested buyers.

Social Media Networking

While joining social media websites like Facebook and Twitter is free, some people are willing to pay you to keep up their pages on these sites. You can find postings asking for this assistance on job listing websites, such as Craigslist, from busy professionals that want their presence on social media websites but do not have the time to keep up with them. This is another way to make money online without spending money as you will get access to their account and get paid to write posts, respond to posts and help answer messages. Some social media networks also offer members the ability to host blogs on their sites and you may be paid to write for those as well.