Business Ideas in Florida

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According to Enterprise Florida, Inc., a public-private partnership that devotes itself to statewide economic development, Florida has a reputation for being one of the most small-business-friendly states in the country. Tourism is a major industry in the state, along with recreation and agriculture. When opening a business in Florida your opportunities are plentiful but your success will depend upon your hard work and perseverance.

Errand-Running Service

The U.S. Census Bureau states that Florida has the highest population of elderly individuals in proportion to the rest of the population. With close to 19 percent of Florida’s population being senior citizens, consider starting a business that caters to them, such as an errand-running service. Many seniors need assistance in picking up prescriptions, getting groceries and shopping for everyday items. Advertize your services at senior centers, nursing homes and retirement villages in the area of Florida where you reside. As you begin to get clients, chances are they’ll recommend you to others, helping your business to grow.

T-Shirt Shop

Tourists flock to the beachside cities and towns to relax on the white sand and swim in the ocean. Cater to this market by opening a T-shirt shop in one of Florida’s prime destinations, such as Key West or Miami. The competition for this type of business is steep, so come up with something that makes your business stand out from the other tourist shops in the area. For example, create T-shirts with specific sayings about the area and focus only on this. It will take hard work to get your brand off the ground, but once a trend sets in, you can expect to see growth and success.

Boutique Hotel

If you have a large budget with lots of startup funding, open a boutique hotel in a vacation hot spot like Orlando or South Beach. Boutique hotels focus on providing guests with an intimate experience and tend to be small. Catering towards those who appreciate high-end luxury, custom decorate each room of the property with a subtle, modern Florida theme. For example, one room could include black and white artistic photographs of the Florida orange groves and bed linens with orange polka-dots. Guests who enjoy the property will want to return to check out more of your distinctive rooms.