Training Audit Checklist

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A training audit checklist is used to verify that food service workers are being trained in food safety. This checklist is used to comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations on food safety. The standard was designed to certify food service businesses that had adopted food management plans to keep their food safe.

Training Procedure

The training audit checklist asks questions about the training procedure set up by a food service business. The training procedure must be able to identify training needs and provide that training to employees. The training procedure must also outline the training plan used by the business.

Number of Trained Employees

Also covered in the training audit checklist is the number of employees who have been trained. The training program must cover any regulations or legislation that applies to food safety. Employees must also be trained in the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) management system. HACCP is used to identify and control hazards associated with food safety. The training audit checklist also asks how many employees have been trained to perform an audit of the food safety system.

Implementation of Training Procedure

The final topic covered by a training audit checklist is how the training procedure is implemented. The business must effectively train employees in sanitation and other food safety issues. The business must also have a method for determining the effectiveness of their training and making any improvements that are necessary.