Documentation is a part of daily life in the world of personal, financial and general data collection, and consequently, it is only proper that periodic audits are performed on the methods for handling documents. The audit shows what measures are being implemented, methods that should be changed, and ways to make such changes.

Procurement Procedure

An organization should periodically verify if its procedure for the procurement of documents is adhered to. The audit may show if the organization currently has a method of managing documentation, whether necessary documents are approved by authorized personnel and how efficiently document changes are handled. This portion of the audit may also show how accessible documents are.

Document Storage

Documents may be stored as hard copy or computerized files. The audit can show whether record storage systems are set up according to the organization’s needs. The audit should also show how long both hard copy and computerized documents are kept on file. The audit must determine if documents are kept in good condition and protected from damage, deterioration or loss.

Description of Documents

The audit should verify how documents are described in an organization's filing system..Documentation may be listed by name, number, or in descriptive form. A document may have a short, relevant description to make it easier to locate. The audit should show if documents are filed systematically by version number and revision date.