QA Audit Checklist

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Quality assurance (QA) is a system or program used to monitor and evaluate the aspects of a project, service or facility to determine if quality standards are being met. To ensure a QA system is operating properly, periodic QA audit checklists are created and reviewed. QA checklists are marked beneficial or determine if room for improvement is needed.

QA Manual

If the there is an implemented program, the checklist determines if the quality manual clearly defines responsibility and authority. The checklist should also show if plans are revised at regular scheduled times not going beyond 12 months. It states if there is a means to control and record how compliance should be implemented, description of service or product, specifications and compliance tolerances.


The QA checklist states if procedures are established to bring services or materials in compliance. It may show work in progress and final inspection for acceptance. It also states whether or not the organization completes a round of testing before placing service or products in compliance. The checklist also shows if there are procedures for the organization to handle or respond to field complaints, as outside individuals wait for quality-assurance results.


There should be filing protocol for service or materials out-of-compliance. The QA checklist may determine if there is a file retention policy and a list of compliance close-outs over period of time. The filing system also determines whether or not out-of-compliance requests are filed properly.


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