Time-Management Tools and Forms

by Sally Murphy; Updated September 26, 2017

Because of life's hectic pace, people may find themselves overwhelmed, trying to balance career, family, hobbies, school, social life and other obligations. One way to take control of your life and get the most out of every hour is to begin working on time-management strategies. Tools and forms are available to help manage your time and maximize your productivity.

Time-Tracking Forms

Before you begin to manage your busy life, you should become aware how you spend your time. According to Time Management Central, paying attention to how you divide your day provides insights and opportunities for change. You can track your time with the use of special time-management forms.These forms can be downloaded for free, and they typically display easy-to-read charts with an entry for each hour of the day. Enter your activity for each time slot. Once you've identified problem areas, you can decide how to rearrange your day more efficiently.

To-Do Lists

According to Mind Tools, to-do lists are one of the simplest and most effective time-management tools available. When creating a to-do list, prioritize your tasks. You can begin by writing down all the tasks you need or want to accomplish in a day. Assign each task a level of "very urgent," "somewhat urgent," or "not very urgent." This provides a better sense of which tasks to address first.

Calendars, Planners and Organizers

The Work Life Balance website states that planners, calendars and organizers should be a constant part of your day. Select a size that is easy to carry and one that has enough space to write down your schedule as well as notes. Use it every day. Over time, you may feel more in control of your busy schedule.

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