Fun company awards are a way to recognize your employees in a lighthearted manner and to reinforce camaraderie between employees. You can choose to present them when you need to add humor to a more serious event or to close out a stressful week. Keep the individual temperaments of employees in mind when choosing each award, and be sure that awards do not touch on overly-sensitive subjects to avoid causing hurt feelings or resentment.

Pit Bull

For an employee who refuses to give up or who negotiates well with troublesome clients or vendors, the Pit Bull Award is a fun way to recognize dedication and mental toughness. Like a pit bull, the recipient should be someone who latches on to a problem and refuses to give up until a solution is found. Because difficult negotiations can be mentally taxing and stressful, a fun award can lift the employee's spirits and let her know that you recognize her hard work.

Bermuda Triangle

If you have an employee that tends to lose things in his office or cubicle, present him with the Bermuda Triangle Award. As you present the certificate, you can make a comment about things that disappear into the space, never to be seen again. This award is most successful when the employee recognizes that he or she has a problem with losing things or if the lost items tend to be insignificant.

Baby's Bottom

The Baby's Bottom Award rewards employees who have displayed remarkable smoothness in client discussions or other sticky situations. If one of your staff members was able to talk their way out of a potentially damaging situation for your company, this award will recognize their skills and get a laugh from co-workers.

Deadline Buster

If your company thrives on deadline-oriented projects, it's likely that you have run into ridiculous situations that cause delays. For an employee who encountered an impossible situation, the Deadline Buster Award is a way to relive the humor of an outlandish circumstance. During the presentation, be sure to thank the employee for working through the problem.

Happy Camper

The Happy Camper Award is given to an employee who never fails to have a smile on his or her face, no matter how stressful the day or difficult the client. The award can be genuine, or accompanied with a comical comment about how that much cheerfulness so early in the morning cannot possibly be normal.

Morning Sunshine

Despite what the name suggests, the Morning Sunshine Award goes to the staff member who is exactly the opposite: the person who cannot function in the morning before she has a cup of coffee. If you have an employee who is notably surly in the morning, the award will get a laugh out of the person and his or her co-workers. This award is most effective when the employee is aware of his or her tendencies.