Sales Rally Tips

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If you’ve been tasked with rallying your sales troops, there are some fun and effective ways to get the results you desire without boring your team. No matter whether your team is excelling and needs to review new sales promotions or they’re tanking and you need to give them a boost, there are ways to excite and ignite your sales team to keep them fighting for victory.

Start Right

Kick off your sales meeting with refreshments like orange juice, fruit and breakfast sandwiches. Make all necessary copies of documents they can refer to such as sales records, specialty promotions and sales goals and concessions. You want to keep them engaged and well informed. An empty meeting doesn’t encourage anyone to concentrate on detailed information. If wish to conserve on resources, leave details for a follow-up email. However, providing a simple one-pager will be useful.

Proceed Positively

Jump right into your meeting by offering positive reinforcement to every individual. Even your lowest-performing salesperson deserves some encouragement on some aspect of what they’ve done. Beginning your meeting by congratulating those who did very well yet seeking the good in underachievers will help to keep the overall morale of the meeting on a positive note.

Expose the Good ... and the Bad

The crux of your meeting is a comparison of what’s good and what’s bad about the sales process. Keep the meeting full of high energy the entire time even if you have to reveal bad news. Provide vivid, colorful details for sales promotions to excite them even if their performance has not been stellar. Be direct about your expectations and offer constructive criticism to sales approaches that have not worked out well. Allow everyone to discuss their thoughts and processes and provide feedback for how they can tweak their sales methods.

Watch What Works

Review what has really been working for top sellers and those who land key contracts and accounts. Analyze the differences and similarities and discuss as a team. Allow the sales team to conduct mock sales calls with one another and allow leaders to fine-tune areas of need. Consider pairing teams together or switching partners to see how your team may be more successful.

Send Them Off

At the conclusion of your meeting, send them off with good vibes and hope for future success now that you’ve issued them the tools they need for success. Reiterate sales promotions and key campaigns that need to be enforced and continue to give positive reinforcement as your team departs.