Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the resources within an organization for achieving a company’s overall goals. A company’s management team plans and sets goals, implements strategies and assigns tasks to ensure management goals are fulfilled. Setting management goals and time lines in which the goals are achieved within a company is critical to the company’s success. Management goal objectives need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Defines Goals

Management goal objectives clearly define the work or goal the company sets out to achieve. The objective breaks the larger goals down into workable pieces that are achievable. Objectives are written for the purpose of describing exactly what the project is trying to achieve. Objectives are specific to projects implemented to achieve management goals. Management goals are created to support the overall mission and vision of the company.

Makes Goals Measurable

Objectives at the end of a project should be evaluated and show whether or not the project successfully achieved the objective or not. Management must take corrective action in order to ensure changes are made to get a more desirable outcome for future objectives and the overall goal.

Determines Cost Effectiveness

Management goal objectives allow the goals to be managed and tracked in a way that keeps track of costs related to achieving the goal. Achieving goals might take a number of projects to complete. The objective clearly identifies the benefits of each project as it relates to the overall goal and also makes necessary decisions to explore more cost effective ways to attain the goal.

Establishes a Time Line

Objectives are deadline-driven. A date on which the objective is supposed to be completed is determined at the start of the project. A time line can be established to help monitor the progress of the project and allow employees and management to stay on course. Time lines also help employees and management stay focused on the tasks needed to complete the goals in a timely manner.

Determines Success Probability

Management goal objectives help determine whether or not projected management goals are achievable. If a goal isn’t attainable, it is pointless using company resources and money to work on the goal. Goals have to be realistic and attainable by the current workforce. Setting extreme goals or too high of expectations for employees will have counter-productive results and decrease employee interest in achieving them.