The selection process in human resources is not easy. Often, human resources managers are faced with a difficult decision in hiring or promoting a person for a position because there are many qualified applicants who could do the job. A good human resources manager is not happy to simply hire any one of the candidates, but wants to choose the candidate who will be best for the job. Fortunately, there are a few human resources selection tools that can help managers to select the ideal candidate for the job.

Social Networking Websites

Career-oriented social networking websites such as LinkedIn can act as a great human resources selection tool. LinkedIn allows you to do much more than just posting job ads. It allows you to gather more information about candidates and dig deeper into their history. If a candidate has a LinkedIn account, you can see samples of his past work, recommendations from colleagues and other detailed information that you will not be able to find on a resume. If you are having difficulty filling a position, you can even search for people on LinkedIn who are suited to the job but who have not necessarily applied for the position.

Case Interviews

Case interviews are an excellent HR selection tool for positions that will require decision-making and problem-solving skills. In a case interview, the candidate is given a relevant case study to review prior to the interview. The case will pose a problem that could be encountered in the position. The interview will then ask questions about how the candidate will go about addressing the problem. The goal of a case interview is not to see if the candidate gives the 'right answer' but to see how she thinks about the problem and makes decisions.

Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations are an excellent HR selection tool if you are looking to promote someone to a position from within your organization. Performance evaluations will indicate how an employee has performed in the past. It will give you insight into his ability to make personal improvements and to make changes based on criticisms. Performance evaluations will also include notes from supervisors about the candidate's potential for future development.

External Recruitment Services

If your organization does not have the proper resources to select candidates, it is advisable to seek the services of an external recruitment service. Such a service can be an invaluable tool, because recruitment firms specialize in finding the right people to fill positions. Companies such as The People Bank offer resume screening services, criminal background checks, behavioral analysis and a wide variety of other services.