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Team building activities help members of your organization develop new and more productive ways of working together. They also help team members better understand each other, increase their effective listening, enhance communication, showcase strengths and reveal areas for improvement. The following lighthearted, fun activities can be used to help your organization with team building.


This activity takes place over a span of 10 to 20 minutes. It is designed to demonstrate how important it is to work as a team. Additionally, the activity encourages development of better understanding between team members. The only materials you need are one piece of paper and a pen for each team member.

Participants sit in a circle. The leader folds a piece of paper into five sections and hands it to the first participant. In section one, the participant writes her name, in this example “Joan,” then folds the section inward out of view. She passes the paper to her right. The person who receives the paper writes one adjective that describes a person, such as “multitasking.” He folds in this second section and passes the paper to the right. The next person fills in the third section by writing the name of an object that she would like to give as a bequest, such as “the XYZ account archive” and folds the paper again, passing to the right. The next person writes his name in the fourth section, in this example “Tom,” and passes again. The last person writes in the fifth section a wish or hope she has for a person, such as “finally get some sleep.” When this final pass is completed, the reading of the will ensues: “I, Joan, being of multitasking body and mind, do hereby bequeath the XYZ account archive to Tom in hopes that he can finally get some sleep.”

Multicolored Candies

This exercise, which takes only a few minutes to complete during a meeting, promotes group interaction and communication and encourages development of listening skills. Materials include a bowl of small hard-shelled colored candies.

Pass the candy bowl and ask team members to take as many as they like. Tell them that you have assigned meaning to each color, and their task is to share something with the group that is related to the topic you have linked to the color. Examples can include yellow for appreciation of someone in the group, orange for a personal triumph, red for a recent departmental success or accomplishment against difficult odds, green for a fond memory, blue for a planned celebration. You can vary the activity to reflect current company circumstances, areas for improvement, etc.


In this activity, team members offer recognition of each other's strengths. The activity also promotes group interaction and encourages team members to know each other's recent contributions and achievements. Team members can be notified in advance to discover one recent achievement made by each member of their team.

This activity will take about one minute at the end of a meeting. Materials required are name cards or folded slips of paper with team members’ names, and a container to hold them.

One team member draws a name from the container. The individual who drew the name is responsible for noting an achievement made by the team member whose name was drawn.

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