Team Building Activities for Staff

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High on any manager's list of priorities will be the morale of his employees. Low morale leads to poor productivity, which can adversely affect the profitability of the business. To boost morale and team spirit, especially in a team that is newly formed or beset by conflict, a manager will often take his staff on a team-building activity.


Go-karting is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and is therefore a popular team-building activity. The group is split into teams, with each team member completing a number of laps in a relay-style race. Those not driving can cheer on their colleagues, thus boosting team spirit. This activity may require the prior and exclusive booking of a go-kart track to avoid interfering with other drivers using the facilities.


Another popular activity is paint balling, which encourages the team to cooperate and encourage one another in the pursuit of success in a number of missions. These missions can take the form of simply eliminating the opposition, or capturing a flag and bringing it back to base. Paintballing can, however, be expensive, with equipment costs to be taken into account.

Sports Day

Not only is a sports day an excellent activity to boost the ethic of team spirit, but is also a great way for employees to keep fit and stay in shape. The group is split into a number of smaller teams who compete in Olympic-style team events such as relay and football. Any team member not competing can cheer on his colleagues.

Treasure Hunt

For a treasure hunt, staff members are split into teams of two or three and are given clues to solve. Each answer will lead the group to the location of the next clue, eventually leading to the treasure: a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne, for example. This activity requires that team members work together and as a unit to solve the clues before their competitors.


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