Your business may provide great products and extraordinary services, but customers may not stick around long enough to find that out if your customer service assistants aren't doing their jobs well. While you'll want to look for assistants who are knowledgeable about your business and have a good employment record, there are a few qualities that separate good customer service associates from mediocre ones.


Respect for others--including customers--begins with respect for oneself. Good customer service assistants stand out because they project self-esteem. Even if they dress casually for work and don't have expensive clothes, their wardrobe is clean and well-kept. They keep their hands and nails clean, and their hair is well-groomed. Their teeth are white--and frequently visible, because they smile often and genuinely.

Listening Skills

Customer service isn't just about selling a product or imparting information about it. A good customer service associate listens closely to customers' questions, concerns and complaints, responding specifically to each individual problem rather than giving a generalized, boilerplate response.

Positive Language

Good customer service assistants know the power of positive language. They may not know everything, but instead of saying "I don't know" they'll say "Let me find out." They use language to give customers positive strokes, interjecting things like "Good question" or "I'm glad you asked" into their conversations. They also know the importance of the words "Thank you."