Consignment Advertising Ideas

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Whether you have just opened a new consignment shop or need to attract new business for an existing one, there are a number of advertising approaches that you may adopt. The promotional avenues that you take will depend on whether you are working with a limited budget or have more to spend on your marketing campaign efforts.

Posters, Mailers and Flyers

One way to to make the public aware of your consignment shop is to create marketing materials such as posters, mailers and flyers. You can do this by hiring a graphic artist to create your promotional materials for you or you may do it yourself using Microsoft Paint or a more advanced program like Photoshop. In developing your materials, create a layout of the design that you envision, which may include images of some of the types of items found in your shop or photos showing smiling customers. Provide information about the products that you carry, as well as details for those who wish to place items in your shop to be sold on consignment. This should include any special offers as well as your location, address and phone number.

Create a Website

A website helps you reach a larger audience and, as a consequence, has the potential to increase your sales. It also allows you widen the variety of items that you sell. You can hire a website designer to create an online presence that meets your specifications or you can make one yourself with a web designing program. Consider using a resource such as Tripod's “SiteBuilder” option to develop your consignment store website, then choose a hosting package. Prices vary, depending on what you need regarding bandwidth, functionality and memory. Add photos of your products directly to your website. Create a checkout cart that is linked to your bank through a merchant account or takes payment via an online company like PayPal. Create a video tour of your consignment shop and place it on a video sharing site. Link the embed code directly on your site, so shoppers may access it easily.

Television Advertising

Television advertising is one of the best ways to gain attention for your consignment shop. If your marketing budget permits, create a television ad that can be placed on local networks in your area. Highlight items that are unusual or rare finds, as well as your normal stock. Have an employee give a brief tour of your shop or create a voice-over to go with footage that has been shot. Hire a videographer to create your commercial or, to cut costs, shoot the video yourself and edit it with free or inexpensive video editing software.


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