Owning and maintaining a restaurant can be a difficult business venture. Business competition is high and you are constantly under the scrutiny of local, state and federal regulators. You must handle finances and taxes, find skilled employees, and adhere to crucial food safety rules. But even though the restaurant business can be a grueling industry, there are still many rewards to reap if you incorporate and follow certain keys to success.

Competitive Advantage


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Analyze your competition of businesses that are offering the same kind of service that you are. Take it upon yourself to check out their location, prices, customer service, and, most importantly, their menu and the quality of their food. Determine what you could offer to consumers that your competition lacks, such as better prices or discounts, a special “to die for” noodle casserole, or possibly even live entertainment.



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Hiring reliable individuals to run your business is one of the most important factors in your success. A business is only as good as its employees, so cooks, servers and busboys not fully doing their jobs could cost you your business. Setting high standards for your employees is a key to success. Also, always remember that employees are real people and not commodities. Treating your employees kindly while still maintaining order is essential for retaining a group of people who actually want to work for you. If your employees respect you and the way you treat them, they will strive to please you.



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Keep your entire restaurant not just clean, but sanitary. Floors, table tops, restrooms and kitchens should all be disinfected with an effective cleaning solution. Your restaurant should also not have a strong odor of cleaning chemicals, so make sure substances such as bleach are well diluted. It’s crucial that you become educated on the standards of the local health department and see to it that your business meets every last one.