Ideas for a Small Scale Business

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Starting a small business is a dream for many people who enjoy the idea of being their own boss. Starting your own business does not have to be expensive and can enable you to work from home. Consider what you are good at and what you enjoy doing when choosing what type of small business to start.


If you love to cook, open a catering business. This is something that can be done out of your own kitchen initially, and then you can open a store with more space for a large kitchen. Begin by catering for friends and relatives and build a portfolio for other clients. Word of mouth is a great form of advertising for a small, start-up business.


Write for print and online publications or do transcription work for a local physician. Many local newspapers and magazines use freelance writers who can contribute material. This will enable you to make your own schedule. Transcribe doctor’s notes from home, as well. You can stay local or get clients online for whom you transcribe notes.

Child Care

Open a small daycare center as your small business. Many states have regulations that must be followed to run a daycare center in your home. If you choose to care for the children at home, ensure you have it inspected and comply with state law. This will require a small investment to ensure you have all the supplies that are necessary to care for multiple children.

Pet Care

Establish a small business taking care of pets by grooming, walking and boarding them. If you choose to open this business in a separate facility than your home, you must ensure the owners sign a waiver for transportation of the animals that are boarded. If you have a separate building on your property, that would be an ideal location for a pet care center.

Lawn Care

Set up a lawn care business and begin by advertising with flyers in your neighborhood. Lawn care businesses are in demand throughout the fall, spring and summer. Lawn care is not limited to mowing and weed-eating. It can include raking leaves, maintaining gardens and landscaping to entice a wide range of clients.

Cleaning Service

A cleaning service can be run by one person, or the business owner can hire a small crew to clean the homes. It is increasingly difficult for working moms to have time to give cleaning the attention it deserves, so a cleaning service is a popular option. Try to get referrals because opening your home up to a stranger to clean requires trust. A referral is likely to work best to grow the business increase your client base.


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