If you are looking to strengthen your team of adults whether it is for your company or a personal endeavor, there are many free team building games you can use. Developing team chemistry and strength in any group of adults can be done using simple exercises that can be fun and effective.

Build a Story


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The team building game "Build a Story" can be done in a room, an open field or anywhere a group of adults are able to gather. The game requires the ability to think on the go, work together with other members of the team to create a coherent thought and helps to develop team coordination. Put the group in a circle and designate one person as the starting point. The starting point person starts off a story by giving the first sentence, and then passing it on to the next person. The story keeps going around the circle with each person adding a new sentence until it either comes to an end, or it is determined that the story has no end and a new one needs to be started.



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The game of "Handshakes" is a team building game that can help a group figure out how to develop and follow instructions. Choose two people from the group to develop their own handshake. The handshake can have as many steps as the creators want, but it cannot involve any props or outside materials. Once the two have developed the handshake, they then must teach it to the rest of the group and each person in the group must show the ability to reproduce it. It is a simple game, but it can draw attention to how the group can work together to develop solutions to problems.

Human Pyramid


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The human pyramid should only be tried by people in good health, and only in an soft and grassy field. Building a good human pyramid takes team work, coordination and skill. Rather than building one large pyramid, make things easier by building a series of smaller pyramids. Once a pyramid is built, try and see if the group can hold it for a count of 30. After that first one is done, get different people to build a new pyramid.