For every successful entrepreneur, there comes a time when he or she must consider hiring a sales staff to grow the business. Having a dedicated sales person or team of sales reps allows you to reach a greater number of potential customers and close more sales than you can effectively achieve alone. Choosing the best salespeople from a group of candidates can be difficult. When making your selection, seek candidates who are empathetic, tenacious, and dedicated to self-improvement, with an entrepreneur’s mindset. These are the characteristics shared by top sales reps and indicate the potential for sales success.


Top salespeople are able to strongly empathize with their customers. This means that they have the ability to listen and connect with their customers' concerns and situations. A salesperson’s ability to be empathetic allows them to build rapport with customers. Empathetic sales reps are able to communicate a sincere understanding of the customer’s concerns and needs. This enables the customer to trust the salesperson and believe that the salesperson’s recommendation will truly offer solutions.


Tenacity is defined as the ability to be persistently determined. Top sales reps do not take “no” personally. Instead, they have a dogged determination to continue asking for the sale. This does not mean that you should hire a pushy salesperson whose relentless pursuit aggravates customers. However, top salespeople understand the sales cycle and the need to continually prime the pump by developing relationships with customers who are at various stages of readiness to purchase. This also means that the salesperson will be willing and able to knock on as many doors as necessary to make the sale without losing enthusiasm.


Top salespeople have a strong desire to learn. They seek out opportunities to learn more about the products they sell, their customers, and the way to improve their sales techniques. This dedication to self-improvement also includes a sense of self-motivation. Top sales reps always strive to improve their sales for their own personal satisfaction. Although they may enjoy and appreciate the money and lifestyle achieved through reaching high sales levels, they have an internal motivation to do better for the challenge of achieving growth itself.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Top salespeople have an entrepreneurial mindset. They approach sales as their business and they are self-motivated to put in the time and effort necessary to be successful. Top salespeople will show up early to do paperwork, prepare for meetings, and research potential clients so that they can use prime business hours to contact customers. They seek and create efficient systems for managing their time and prioritizing their clients, and they approach every transaction as though they are personally responsible for their customer's satisfaction.