Sales professionals know that after the hard work of getting the sales appointment has paid off with a face-to-face meeting, the moment of truth comes with the sales presentation. Giving an effective talk to potential buyers keeps bread on their tables. Employing several strategies during the presentation will greatly boost their success rate.

Establish the Need

It is important for salespeople to put themselves in the prospect's shoes, according to Vorsight, Inc., a sales training company. This allows them to discuss the client’s need. For example, a vendor selling skin care products might point out the importance of using sunscreen to a prospect who works as a mail courier. He can then discuss his company's line of sun protection products. Every prospect has a need, so a skillful salesperson identifies it and shows how his product or service meets that need. Implementing this principle can considerably raise a sales representative’s closing rate.

Ask Questions

Talking too much is a classic error. Don't talk yourself out of a sale with long, drawn out speeches. Instead, ask questions. This draws the prospect in and turns a monolgue into a conversation. For instance, don't say, “My product will reduce your costs." Instead, ask, “Would it be helpful if my product saved you money?” Always phrase the question to get a positive response. Avoid questions like, “You wouldn’t want to try our product, would you?”

Build a Relationship

It is important to know clients and prospects, according to, which assists clients in sales and marketing. Winning a prospect’s trust puts the sales professional closer to earning the sale. For instance, it builds trust when you reassure the prospect that should the product not meet expectations, all that's necessary is to call you.

Body Language

Being aware of body language allows salespeople to create a connection with the prospect. For instance, Sales Coach David Cooper tells his students to remember to smile and nod. Showing positivity becomes contagious to the prospect, building confidence in the salesperson.

Show the Value

For many prospects, cost determines their buying decisions. Showing them the value of your product and how it provides cost effectiveness could make the sale. Depending upon the product or service, offering samples or a risk-free trial allows clients to see the value for themselves.