Consumer promotions are incentives aimed toward a company’s customers. Promotions are used to gain potential customers or keep current customers satisfied. Consumer promotions are geared toward customer needs and wants. There are many types of consumer promotions to boost sales and keep the customer coming back. Companies use market researchers to develop consumer promotion ideas.


In order to boost sales, a company may use sampling as a consumer promotion. Samplings means giving a customer a sample of the product the company and manufacturer want the customer to purchase. Sampling gains the customer's interest, and is most beneficial when it is coupled with advertising. Sampling may also be used when trying to divert the customer’s attention away from the competition.

Taste Test

Tastings are consumer promotion tools used mainly in the food industry. Tastings are given to introduce a new food product to customers in an effort to get them to purchase that product. A tasting will also be used if the company or product line is producing new food items.

Gifts and Drawings

Free gifts with a purchase, or the chance to enter a drawing for various products from a particular line of merchandise, can be a very effective consumer promotion strategy. Customers feel like they are getting something extra for the dollars spent on their favorite products or other items of merchandise. Free gifts or drawings may be coupled with coupons--buy one, get one free, for example. Gifts and drawings are especially used for new products, or for seasonal products and services.