Creating a game room in your place of business is a great way to keep employees driven, and promote creativity. Game rooms provide the employee an opportunity to take a break when they are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. When designing a game room for your business, choose activities that can be played in groups and also alone, so that any number of people can play at any given time. Also, be sure to include a white board in the room, so employees can jot down ideas when creativity hits.

Video Game

It’s not just children that enjoy video games; adults can have a great time playing video games in a group, or by themselves. There are many adult video games that can even encourage business thinking, allowing the player to create and run her own business. For your business game room, set up an area with a large screen TV, plenty of open space, and a large sectional sofa or comfortable arm chairs. Purchase a popular video gaming system, such as Nintendo Wii, and buy a variety of games such Sims, Rock Band, Diner Dash, and even Wii Fit to encourage employee exercise. Video games that keep them active, such as the Wii, are a great way to keep employees active and awake during their afternoon down time.

Pool Table

A pool table is a given in a game room; employees can discuss business ideas and brainstorm over a game of pool. If your business is on the larger side, purchase two pool tables, so several games can go on at the same time. If you want to add another table for meetings and conferences, buy a convertible pool table, which has a top that can flip over and function as a regular table when necessary.

Board Games

Board games never go out of style. Set up a board game space where employees can gather in groups to play various games. The board game area can either be set up at a large table, where multiple games can go on at one time, or a large area of couches and arm chairs with several small coffee tables in the center to hold the game boards. Include games such as:

  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • checkers
  • Connect Four
  • Sorry
  • Battleship
  • Boggle

Also have a few sets of playing cards on hand.


Darts are another great way to get your employees’ blood flowing. Set up a few dartboards along the walls in the back of the room. Mark the floor where the player should stand when throwing. Create a poster board with different game ideas and rules that the employees can play with the dartboards. Even have a high score board, to illicit a little friendly competition in the room.