A bail bondsman makes arrangements to post bail in the form of a bail bond or surety bond for people that are incarcerated. It is a lucrative career and can involve long hours and work on the weekends. The State of Idaho like every state, has a basic list of requirements for a person wanting to become a bail bondsmen. Requirements often vary by state.

Age Requirements

To become a bail bondsman in Idaho, you must at least of the legal age, 18. There are no special waivers available for individuals under the age of 18 to become bail bondsmen. If you meet all the requirements on the day of your 18th birthday, you can apply for licensing and if you meet the qualifications, the State of Idaho will grant you status as a bail bondsman.

Training Requirements

You must complete 24 hours of classroom training to become a bail bondsman and pass the required written state examination to become a certified bail bondsman in Idaho. Courses in the field of law enforcement are helpful in understanding the depths of the justice system.

Background Check

In Idaho, bail bondsman candidates must undergo a background check. The applicant must be free of criminal convictions in the past ten years. A felony or a criminal conviction can prevent the individual from becoming a bail bondsman. Fingerprint checks are mandatory with your background check.

Work Experience

One of the requirements for certification and license to become a bail bondsman current work experience in a bail bondsman's office.

Forms and Attachments

You must submit a State of Idaho Bail Bondsmen application, identification, surety insurance information and the name of the bail bondsman company that you will be working for to the Idaho Department of Insurance. If you are already working for a bail bondsman company and you have not filed the necessary paperwork, you must follow the same application procedure. An $80.00 fee in the form of check or money order should be made payable to the State of Idaho Department of Insurance.