Office Team Bulletin Board Ideas

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Although bulletin boards are more commonly associated with education settings, they can be used in the office to help promote teamwork and a positive atmosphere amongst employees. Create professional-looking bulletin boards with posters, cut-out letters and borders.

Refrain from posting anything too childish, since the bulletin boards will be in public areas of the office and may be viewable by potential clients or customers.

Getting to Know You

Personnel work better when they are comfortable with their co-workers.
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In large office environments, co-workers may know someone's name, but not much about them. Encourage camaraderie in the office by creating a board that highlights particular personnel or department. Include photos of employees at work and add fun facts about each department, such as how many phone calls the receptionist handles in a day, how many pieces of mail are processed by the mailroom in a month or the quantity of bills paid out by the accounting department in a year.

Recognize individuals who have completed additional education, awarded certification or received a promotion.

Team Building

Decorate the office professionally yet creatively with team-building bulletin boards.
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Sometimes a simple message is all that is needed to build teamwork or inspire a staff. Add inspirational posters to a bulletin board with a particular message or quality that the workplace might appreciate. Consider using themes such as perseverance, ethics or success.

Personalize the message by highlighting a poster and then including a brief story about how someone in the office or community displayed that particular theme.

Calendar of Events

Include upcoming events and birthdays on the company calendar.
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Create a large bulletin board that looks like a large calendar. List important events on the calendar, such as company meetings, upcoming deadlines, employee hire anniversaries and employee birthdays. Keep in mind that some employees may not wish to have their birthdays publicly known, so allow employees to opt out.

Place the calendar bulletin board in a prominent public place, such as the break room or across from the elevators.

Technology Ideas

The IT department is an important part of the workplace.
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Allow the IT department to create some bulletin boards that explain certain technical terms or things to look out for when working on the computer.

Create a fall-themed bulletin board that reminds workers to “Fall Into the Habit of Saving Files,” which features a tree with falling leaves and mini computers. Remind workers to backup files regularly, and save them into manageable folders that can be easily accessed.

Feature other computer news that may be of interest to employees, such as problematic viruses or websites which should be avoided while on company computers. Consider including a list of blocked websites.



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