Scanners are of common use among businesses and in the homes of many families. Although they were previously extremely expensive, in recent years they have become much more affordable – especially since the advent of the handheld scanner.

Why have a handheld scanner? Handheld scanners offer numerous advantages to those that are using them, whether for business or personal purposes. Handheld scanners are meant to make life easier on those that are constantly scanning and sending documents - especially in the midst of traveling.


Like all scanners, handheld scanners are an extremely valuable tool for communication purposes. The difference is that they now come in very small sizes – making them incredibly useful in times of business or personal emergencies. Since most handheld scanners come with a battery life of several hours, they can readily work without being charged for quite some time - depending upon the brand.

Extremely valuable, they can be carried and moved – nearly incognito. Wherever you are, they can be taken easily. By allowing you to not need many documents or papers, they allow you to stay organized and more on-task.

Advanced Technology

Within the past few years, several different technologies have made modern handheld scanners incredibly advantageous. Many allow documents to readily be sent, even without a computer or fax machine. Most can even be used to connect to phones, MP3's and anything that might contain a USB port.

Scanners are very easy to use -- many of them can scan a document in under a minute. They can also scan documents with extreme clarity. The vast majority are equipped with a good amount of memory space which allows them to save up to several hundred documents.

Variable Types

Handheld scanners come in several different sizes – ranging from ones that will fit in your hand to others that are roughly the size of a computer. They come in a variety of qualities and speeds as well. Depending upon the buyer's needs, there are scanners that will perform with the clarity and speed needed.

The price range can be from under a hundred dollars up to several hundred dollars - depending upon the level of sophistication that the scanner possesses.