You have worked hard to prepare for your new spa's first day of business. Before you open your doors to the public, you must complete a pre-opening checklist of items required by your local jurisdiction. This process is done to ensure that your future clients can come to a city-approved safe and clean environment and enjoy the services you offer. Taking the time to work through these pre-opening checklists gets you closer to a successful opening day.


Spa clients must be able to walk safely through the facility. Both wet and dry surfaces within the spa must be clean and in good repair. You should do your best to protect clients from surface-based bacteria by installing drainage systems to keep standing water to a minimum. Part of the pleasure of visiting a spa is the soothing comfort of low lighting, but make sure your guests can see the surfaces and that they're safe to cross. Check with your jurisdiction about specific lighting requirements, but at a minimum, keep your lighting level at least 10 footcandles if walking paths are accessible after dusk.

Emergency Equipment

It is critical to be prepared for emergencies. Phones must be operable and signs directing clients and staff to emergency exit routes should be clearly viewable. Install a fully stocked first aid kit in the main office and place first aid and basic CPR placards throughout the facility. Make sure that spa shut-off valves are functional and that all employees are aware of proper procedures for closing steam rooms, jacuzzis and saunas.


Make sure that you are in compliance with your local health department's requirements for water temperature and disinfection procedures. Begin with a complete stock of pH-testing kits. Also, you must regularly monitor bacterial and water content levels and provide your employees with training on disinfection procedures and alkalinity and acid table information. Double-check your water and steam temperature gauges. They must be in proper working order and able to consistently maintain required temperatures for all client spa areas.

Locker and Rest Rooms

Your customers should always be able to comfortably change and clean up after spa sessions. Ensure that this is not an issue by checking all locks on lockers and make sure that soap, tissue, paper towels, and basic personal care items are available. Your wet areas should be working properly. Make sure all toilets are operating and check shower heads for proper spray angles and adequate water pressure. Check your water heater to make sure that shower water temperatures are safely between 90 and 110 degrees F.