Waste Management is a waste disposal company that operates throughout America. Waste Management jobs are highly sought after as the company operates in an ever-expanding industry and prides itself on offering impressive perks to employees. In fact, the business invests over $10,000 per employee every year in benefits, including healthcare, dental insurance, life insurance and long- and short-term disability. For those interested in working with the company, those who have applied largely consider the Waste Management hiring process to be pretty relaxed and straightforward.

Submit Your Application

The first step to getting a job with Waste Management is to apply on the company's website. First, look for the job you're interested in, starting with the "professional" and "frontline operations" options. Once you find the position for you, submit your resume along with the answers to any required questions on the page. For example, an application to become a driver will ask you about prior DUIs and traffic accidents.

If there are no available positions near you in your area of expertise, choose the "Talent Network" option, where you can submit your resume along with your location and desired occupation to be considered for future job openings.

Waiting Period After Applying

After submitting your application, you'll probably need to wait between one and four weeks before hearing back from the company.

The human relations department will review your resume to ensure you're qualified for the position. The representatives may perform checks into your criminal background, driving record or employment history first.

Generally speaking, you'll only get a call back if the company is interested in scheduling an interview, although you may get an email notifying you that they won't be moving forward with your application.

The Interview Process

Depending on the location, the hiring manager, the position you apply for and how well you perform, you may be asked to do one of the following in the interview process:

  • A single Waste Management phone interview.
  • A phone interview and a follow-up interview in person.
  • An initial in-person interview at a Waste Management office and a follow-up interview.
  • A single in-person interview in the office. 

Most people who have gone through these interviews agree that the process is relatively relaxed and informal and that the interviews are more like casual conversations than in-depth interrogations.

Interview Questions for Waste Management

Like all companies, interview questions for Waste Management will vary based on what position you're applying for. Questions that may be asked to those applying for driver positions, for example, include:

  • How important is safety?
  • Describe a situation you were in where something unsafe happened? How did you respond to make it safe?
  • What do you know about driving in (a particular local area)?

Questions Waste Management might ask any prospective employee might include:

  • Do you consider yourself to be dependable?
  • What would you bring to the company if you're hired here?
  • Talk about a situation you were in when things went wrong on the job. What did you do?
  • Recall a time you had a big disagreement with a coworker. What happened and how did you work to resolve the problem?
  • What does Waste Management offer that makes you want to work here instead of another company?

After the Interview

If you do well in the interview, you'll likely be offered the job. Some applicants have reported even being offered a job immediately after the interview, although others had to wait up to two months. Waste Management performs drug tests, so you'll need to pass your drug test prior to beginning work. If you're unhappy with the pay you have been offered, the company does seem to be willing to negotiate regarding compensation.