The Difference Between a Team Leader & a Team Coordinator

by Kathy Adams McIntosh; Updated September 26, 2017

The workplace uses teams to accomplish many of the company’s goals. These goals include implementing new software, developing new products or building new equipment. Each team requires employees devoted to the success of the project and a leader to oversee the progress of the project. Many teams use both a team leader and a team coordinator to manage the work of the employees. These two roles serve different purposes on the team.

Role of Team Leader

The team leader provides direction to the employees and advises them on how to accomplish specific tasks. He meets with individual employees regularly to monitor their progress, address issues and advance them to the next task. He also meets with the team as a group. These meetings revolve around providing a vision for the team and keeping the team focused on its goal. He might recognize the accomplishments of team members at these meetings. He also allows team members to share their own progress with the rest of the team and ask for assistance if needed.

Role of Team Coordinator

The team coordinator facilitates the team’s actions. She schedules meetings for the team to gather. If a team member leaves the office and needs to attend via audio conference, the team coordinator handles the technical aspects of setting up the call. She writes up the minutes and emails them out to the group. She also sends out emails to update the team in-between meetings. When team members lack the resources to complete a task, she acquires those resources for the team member.


One big difference between a team leader and a team coordinator involves the direction provided. The team leader fills the role of managing the team and providing clear direction for the team as a whole and for each team member. The team coordinator assists the team leader and team members in accomplishing the goals of the team. He takes direction from the team leader.


Another difference occurs in communication. The team leader communicates directly to the group and the employees. The communication from the team leader carries a greater impact due to his role. The team coordinator communicates details to the group and reinforces the message sent from the team leader.