Effective orientation programs give an organization significant advantages in motivating and retaining employees versus competitors that have no orientations or operate programs that are poorly planned and implemented. Several specific benefits are usually experienced by companies and their new hires when orientation programs are successful and achieve the desired results.

Increases Employee Production

A primary advantage of an orientation program is that it can strongly boost the effectiveness and production value of employees. Employees who are oriented to the company culture and well-trained before they begin work are more likely to bring immediate returns to employers. In its "Orientation Program for DMC Officials" overview, the Asian Development Bank notes that a key benefit of its program is that it allows developing member country officials to "upgrade their skills in development planning and project management."

Promotes Teamwork

Companies that value a culture of teamwork and rely heavily on work groups see orientation as helpful in imparting these team values and cooperation to new employees. Companies can include team activities in the orientation process to afford new hires working in the same area the opportunity to meet and build rapport during the orientation. This helps new employees feel comfortable and begin establishing good working relationships with colleagues right away.

Shows Commitment to Employees

Employees who are thrust into jobs with little or no formal training and orientation may feel overwhelmed and develop the belief that their value is not appreciated by the company. For this reason, Oasis Outsourcing advises that company CEOs, owners or other leaders come to the orientation to greet new employees and welcome them. In smaller organizations, this is especially critical to maintaining a sense of closeness within the company and to show the new hires that they are valued from the top down.

Avoids Confusion

Another primary advantage of orientation is that it helps avoid the confusion that results when employees are inadequately educated as to how the company operates. East Tennessee State University points out on its "New Employee Orientation" page that its orientation helps employees understand critical policies and procedures, and learn about pay and benefits that come with the job. Additionally, an open question and answer forum gives employees the opportunity to clear up any confusion or concerns they may have about their new employment.