Automotive Finance & Insurance Training Online

The automotive finance and insurance, or F&I, manager meet with almost every customer in a dealership to sell finance, insurance and warranties to new and used car buyers. Working with banks and financial institutions, the F&I manager has a dramatic affect on dealer profits. Training and education for this important dealership position is vital and is available from a variety of online sources. Many vendors, consultants and educational institutions provide this training for prospective F&I managers.

Vendors and Consultant Programs

Vendors and consultants offer many online programs for automotive finance and insurance managers. Programs vary greatly in duration and cost, as well as in services offered. Topics typically include financing options, lending and leasing regulations, insurance products, as well as selling skills and techniques. Some vendors and consultants offer placement and job assistance and others have relationships with dealers that can help new F&I managers find jobs after graduation from the program. Research is necessary to find the program suited for your individual needs.

Professional Associations

The National Automotive Dealers Association, or NADA, is the largest professional association for automotive professionals. Through their NADA university and learning hub, they offer many online courses designed to educate and train F&I managers and employees. You can take courses in a planned curriculum or as needed, depending on skills and experience.The Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals also offers training and certification programs and courses. They also offer free online conferences and training for members.

Colleges and Universitites

Many colleges and universities offer non-credit and certificate training for finance and insurance professionals. These online programs provide options for individuals seeking education for finance and insurance while not obtaining a college degree. You can also obtain an undergraduate business degree that includes courses for finance and insurance training. Many large online universities offer programs and options for their students. Options and tuition assistance vary by college and program. Some universities also have career placement departments that assist in job search and job preparation skills.

Additional Options

Self-paced online learning is also available from many online vendors. You can take these courses at your own pace and time, and many offer testing and simulations within their training programs. Both NADA and the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals offer this type of training. If you are an employee of a dealership who is a member of NADA, they can also customize learning for your individual needs. Many vendors and consultants also offer this type of customized training.



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