Your passion towards karate could lead to a new business venture. However, getting started could require thousands of dollars. Investments in insurance could protect you from damages, such as a fire or theft, as well as other financial liabilities, if a student gets hurt while training. Choosing a business structure other than a sole proprietorship, such as a limited liability company or a corporation, may protect your personal assets from liabilities that your karate school might incur. Your due diligence will help to determine your needs and startup costs. Consider purchasing floor mats, punching bags and promotional t-shirts.

Business Plan

A business plan will help you identify your goals for an income-producing karate venture. Your business plan should include tuition estimates, testing fees, equipment sales and your overhead costs. A marketing budget will be essential to opening a karate school, since a variety of promotional methods will attract prospective students. Advertising your karate school in community newspapers or distributing fliers that promote your school’s grand opening may position your school for a successful launch. A well-designed business plan should focus on your startup costs, expenses, marketing and growth strategies.


The location of your karate school might determine one of your biggest expenses: rental costs. If you are seeking a family-oriented location to open your karate school, you should probably expect to pay above-average rental rates. Generally, the size of your facility impacts your monthly rental rate, as larger spaces typically command higher rental costs. Your may be able to negotiate the standard rental rate if you commit to a term beyond a one-year lease, such as a three- to five-year lease. Rental costs vary by location. However, you could pay between several hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars per month. Your first month’s rent and a security deposit should be expected. For example, if your rental rate for 1,000 square feet is $2,500 per month, your initial outlay including the security deposit might be $5,000.

Pro Shop

A pro shop could enable you to sell equipment from a karate school or from a martial arts supply store. Buying your equipment from a wholesaler could position you to obtain discounts for volume-based purchases. Your actual costs will largely depend on the items that you want to sell, such as headgear, punching gloves and protective equipment.


Karate schools are generally community-based businesses that focus on local enrollment and retention strategies. Some karate instructors begin in recreation centers or public schools to utilize free or low-cost training facilities. You might need more than $10,000 to open a commercial karate school. A variety of factors may influence your costs to open a karate school. Your business plan and market research will enable you to determine your initial investment.