Service marketing refers to the strategies and techniques to market a service-based business. Product-based businesses can market by simply using products in a marketing campaign. Since services are not tangible items, marketing services can be a challenge. A service marketing exam tests various aspect of the marketing approach, including practical and theoretical situations.

Definition Questions

One type of question a student will see on a service marketing exam focuses on providing strong definitions. Examples include defining service marketing, defining service loyalty or customer loyalty, and distinguishing between service marketing and product-based marketing, including five or more differences and similarities. An evaluator will ask these basic questions to ensure that the student has understood the content taught during the course.

Theoretical Questions

Another example of questions for a service marketing exam is theoretical questions. While some will ask the student to describe a specific theory and the pros and cons related to that theory, other questions may ask the student to describe a service marketing model. A student must be able to describe these theories and models and recognize them in practice.

Customer Relations

Every marketing campaign, whether service- or product-based, is created to reach out to the customer. The student will be faced with questions regarding relationship values between customer and business, customer’s reactions to the services and how important the customer is when marketing services for a business. Practical examples of effective and ineffective service marketing with the customer serve as the basis for these questions.

Practical Examples

Some questions on a service marketing exam focus on practical examples. The exam question may ask the student to provide an analysis of a given company’s service marketing strategies, the company’s role in the market, how the strategies relate to the competition's marketing strategies and how well the customers are responding to it. For these questions, a case study is provided for analysis.

Examination Tips

As you are reading through the exam questions, think of possible examples to illustrate the points that you are making. For example, provide examples for theoretical discussions and customer profiles so the evaluator sees that you have understood the concept in both theory and practice. Another tip is to refer to materials, such as case studies, books or films, that were used in the course.