Premium customer service is an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic service activities to include a more personalized and customized approach that create a customer-centric business atmosphere.


Premium customer service exceeds basic courtesy, helpfulness, cashier and floor support. Customers typically get a more personalized service from a sales associate or customer service level. Special ordering, customer feedback, value-added unique services, and other extras are examples of premium level services.

Types of Providers

Companies that are known as high-level or premium service providers are often labeled as "high-end." This is because there is usually a strong relationship between high-quality, premium service, and high prices. Customers that pay high prices for goods and services usually expect a better quality or product and service to justify the higher cost.


All companies strive to deliver the best level of service possible. What would be described as premium service is not practical for all business models since higher service standards inherently have more costs attached, including better pay and training for specialized service employees. Value or low-cost providers are often limited by the need to keep business expenses low.