Primary Role of the Team Leader

If you’re assigned as a team leader, it is important to know your role and responsibilities to the firm, its workers and customers. If you successfully fill your role as a team leader it could lead to even bigger promotions to positions of leadership, such as a supervisor or manager at the company.


A team leader is the head of a work project team. This person commonly reports to a supervisor and is held responsible for the team’s results. Supervisors commonly select the team leader based on a person's knowledge or experience with the project at hand. For instance, if the project goal is to develop a set of sales training materials, a worker who has high-level sales experience is an ideal candidate for team leader of the project.


One of the primary roles of a team leader is to organize the entire project from start to finish. That includes establishing an overall project plan, setting the project goals and creating a corresponding schedule. The team leader is also responsible for organizing meetings and getting team members on the same page if there are is confusion.


Team leaders assign team members to specific roles in the project. A successful team leader is familiar with the various proficiencies of team members so that he can make the right role assignments. He may have to pair multiple team members together, so he also should understand how the various personalities mesh.


Monitoring project progress is a key responsibility of the team leader. He must seek updates from various team members and check up on the project schedule regularly. The team leader checks off items on the project schedule to keep things moving along. If he notices that the project is veering off-track, he must take immediate steps to resolve the problem. For instance, the team leader may have to address a team member who isn’t performing his duties or contact a service provider who is holding up progress. The leader must support, encourage and motivate members.