Prospective employers evaluate a job candidate’s personality or professional skills by administering pre-employment assessment tests. Pre-employment assessment tests provide additional information about a job applicant; they are used as a preliminary step for determining whether job candidates will fit well with the culture of an organization. Some employers use pre-employment assessment tests to rule out interview candidates while others use it for the purpose of gathering general information about job candidates.


Pre-employment assessment tests can be used to evaluate a candidate’s personality, skill sets, aptitude and character. Some companies administer pre-employment drug screenings as a part of their pre-employment assessment. Drug screenings have become common practice by major companies due to the growth in drug use among U.S. workers, according to Best Job Interview. Aside from drug screenings, which require a physical or laboratory examination, pre-employment assessment tests are often timed, multiple-choice tests that are administered online.


Employers rely on pre-employment assessments using a rating system to select candidates who meet a specific job profile. Usually, there are no right or wrong responses to pre-employment assessment tests. Job applicants are expected to respond to each question truthfully. Pre-employment testing applies to job applicants seeking entry-level to mid- and upper-level management positions. Some companies expect applicants for senior executive positions to take pre-employment assessments. Commonly used personality assessment tests help employers determine a candidate according to characteristics like extroversion, emotional stability and willingness to try new things.

Career-Focused Assessments

Employers seeking applicants for specific jobs like sales and professional management, entry-level jobs and executive careers can use a variety of testing strategies that are designed to evaluate job-specific skills and qualifications. Entry-level assessments include questions that address job-related concerns such as integrity, reliability, workplace aggression and sexual harassment. Job candidates for management and sales positions can be evaluated according to essential professional criteria such as coping skills, attention to detail, collaborative skills and personal drive.


Job candidates who take a pre-employment online assessment test can obtain their passing score immediately after taking the test. Receiving a passing score is a positive sign. Although it does not guarantee that an applicant will be offered the job, it indicates that a candidate may be moved to the next stage of the hiring process. Employers find it useful to use pre-employment screenings because it helps them eliminate applicants who are unsuited for specific job profiles.