Staples hold two or more objects together by punching through the material and bending back on themselves. There are a variety of staples used for different types of paper and various thicknesses. Research the intended purpose for the types of staples in your home or office to ensure they are being used for the proper tasks.

Standard Staples

Standard staples are the most common types of staples found in homes and offices. They are 1/4 of an inch in length and have beveled tips, or tips that are perpendicular to the ends that connect to them. These types of staples will fit any standard stapler. Standard staples will hold pieces of paper to walls and cork boards.

Heavy-Duty Staples

Heavy-duty staples are made thicker than standard staples. They come in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch lengths. There are fewer heavy-duty staples per strip than with standard staples because of their thicker width. Heavy-duty staples can puncture through more pieces of paper, usually up to 20 or more. The points are chiseled to penetrate more material than a standard staple. They can also hold heavier objects on walls and cork boards. Heavy-duty staples also work well to bind thick material, such as denim, if you are in need of a quick wardrobe fix.



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Mini-staplers are marketed primarily to students. These lighter, smaller staples travel well and take up less space. The stapler will require smaller staples than those used in standard staplers. Mini-staples are harder to find and are usually made for a certain brand of stapler. These staplers provide a way to bind papers together when on the fly. They will not be able to staple a significant amount of paper together, however, because of their small size.

Construction Staples

Staples are also used in home repair and construction jobs. These staples are thick and have highly chiseled tips. This type of staple is ejected out of the stapler at a high speed. This makes using a professional stapler dangerous and you should exercise safety and caution. Wear safety glasses and gloves. High intensity staples are used to staple dry wall to 2-by-4 wood frames.