The term “work history” refers to your previous work experience. When an employer asks for your work history, provide elaborate information as this is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills and expertise in the industry or field of work.

Basic Employment Information

The work history section on the job application must include the most basic information about your past employment, including the name of the company and the name of your employer. The potential employer uses this information to contact past employers, with your permission, after the interview to verify employment and get a reference. Include the dates of your employment on the job application.

Duties and Opinion

A potential employer wants to know your duties and responsibilities in your past jobs and what you liked and disliked about working for past employers. Some job applications ask for specific skills learned or utilized in the workplace.

Gap in Work History

Be selective in your work history when you fill out the job application, as the potential employer wants to see your direct experience. The selection of specific past employers may leave gaps in your employment history. Explain this gap in the section of the job application which is devoted to additional information or notes for the potential employer. Mention professional freelance work, mentoring or consulting to fill these gaps in experience.

Employer’s Use of Work History

The potential employer uses job applications as a screening method to find the most qualified applicants for the open job position. The screening process includes reading through the past places of employment to evaluate the candidate’s professional and in-field experience. You must be honest and accurate when presenting your work history, as this information, along with the rest of the job application, is the deciding factor in whether you get an interview.