Questions & Answers for a Fast Food Restaurant Interview

by Kathy Adams McIntosh; Updated September 26, 2017

Many adults make a career out of working in the fast food industry. Some start with their first job as a teenager and then advance through the ranks to a management position. Others pursue a fast food restaurant career when the unemployment level in their area increases. Recruitment in the fast food industry requires applicants to meet with the manager for an interview. These applicants need to prepare for the interview by considering what questions the manager will ask and how to respond.

What Makes Our Restaurant Different From Our Competitors?

The goals of the fast food industry remain consistent between restaurants. These include providing fast service and serving tasty food. Each manager wants her restaurant to stand out from the competitors. She asks this question to discover what the applicant considers the defining characteristic that the restaurant offers to its customers. This allows her to compare the applicant’s response to the focus of the restaurant. The applicant should consider the strengths of the restaurant and how those strengths compare to other fast food restaurants. He should also review the company’s website to determine how the company wants to be differentiated. He should share specific examples how the restaurant demonstrates those characteristics.

What Are Your Career Goals?

Employee turnover in the fast food industry remains high as a result of its hiring practices. Many teenagers and college students pursue jobs in fast food to supplement their income. After graduation, these employees leave to find jobs in their chosen career path. The manager wants to know how long the applicant intends to work with the company. The applicant should respond honestly, while expressing a dedication to his work responsibilities. An applicant who expresses long term goals of advancing within the restaurant into a management position demonstrates a desire to grow with the company. The applicant who plans to pursue another career path in the future might discuss short term career goals achievable within the restaurant.

How Do You Feel About Working With Customers?

Customers make up the heart of the fast food industry. Each fast food restaurant needs customers to increase sales. Many customers return to specific restaurants because of the service they receive. Poor service ensures that customers will not return. While the fast food industry requires workers to prepare the food as well as serve the customers, at times employees need to switch roles. The manager wants to know how the applicant approaches customers and interacts with them. The applicant should share life experiences regarding serving others along with the importance of customer service.

What Makes A Good Restaurant Worker?

Restaurant workers require different skills than factory workers or office staff. These skills include recognizing the importance of a clean workplace, interacting with customers and following food preparation directions. The manager asks this question to find out what the applicant considers important working in a restaurant environment. The applicant should discuss the importance of creating satisfied customers and maintaining a clean restaurant.

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