Landscaping Business Requirements

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Launching a landscaping business can be a profitable and rewarding career for the business owner who enjoys spending time outdoors. Home owners and retailers alike rely on landscapers to keep their lawns and landscaping areas polished, which can improve the curb appeal of the space. Before starting your landscaping business, collect the tools you need to succeed in the industry.


A landscaping business will require a number of tools to provide lawn-care services for clients. At a minimum, the business will need a variety of lawn-care tools, including a lawn mower, wheelbarrow and shovels. In addition, the business will require a vehicle, such as a truck with a trailer attached, to transport the tools from site to site. If the landscaping business will have multiple teams of landscapers, then more tools and vehicles will be necessary.


A team of reliable vendors is necessary for a landscaping business to get off of the ground. Having relationships with nurseries in the area gives the landscaping business access to sod, mulch and flowers, which it will use regularly to upgrade and renovate clients' lawns. Ongoing relationships can also prove to be financially beneficial, as a landscaping business that buys in bulk from a vendor can receive discounts on purchases, which can increase the business' profits.


Earning certification in the landscaping industry can give the business credibility, which can help attract clients. The Professional Landcare Network, or PLANET, offers certification in a number of areas, from a Landscape Industry Certified Manager to a Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician. Successfully passing an exam results in certification, which can boost your landscaping business' image in the community. Include the certification on business cards and advertisements.

Price and Service List

A landscaping business that is just starting out needs to establish a price list for its services to ensure that it brings in a profit. Check the rates of competitors in the area to get a sense of what people are willing to pay for lawn-care services. Businesses can charge on a per-service basis -- for example, for each lawn mowed -- or on a square footage basis -- $5 per square foot of landscaping; potential clients will want to know the cost of the project, so it is essential for the business to have a pricing formula in place.