How Much Money Do Marketing Directors Make?

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A marketing director is hired by a firm to oversee all aspects of marketing the company's products or services. Marketing director earnings are usually based on a generous salary, and some organizations also offer incentives. A marketing director's salary is subject to the specific industry and varies by location as well.

National Average

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows national averages of marketing managers' or marketing directors' salary figures as well as giving detailed breakdowns for specific industries and regions. The average median annual salary for a marketing director was $110,030 as of May 2009. The mean annual salary was somewhat higher at $120,070 for all marketing director positions throughout the nation. The figures are gained from survey data provided by businesses that employ marketing directors.

Industry Salaries

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The industry a marketing professional chooses to work in determines the salary range available. Investment firms and other financial companies offered the highest annual mean salaries, paying over $153,000 for marketing director positions. The motion picture industry ranked second in wages with marketing director earnings of $152,700 per year. Oil and gas extractors paid mean annual wages of $149,330. Pharmaceutical companies paid marketing directors the top wages for all healthcare corporations at $148,998 annually.

Regional Pay Rates

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A marketing director's salary also varied between states. The highest annual mean salaries for marketing managers were paid in New York at $150,130. New Jersey marketing directors earned the second-highest salaries at $141,300 per year. Marketing director earnings in other states varied greatly with New Hampshire mean annual salaries at $96,640, and California corporations paying $136,990. Metropolitan areas also reported various salaries with San Francisco companies paying top marketing director salaries of $157,240.

Salary Vs. Education

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Marketing director positions are typically offered to those with at least a bachelor's degrees in business administration, but higher-paying directors jobs often require much more education. It's common for a marketing professional to possess a master’s degree in business administration and an additional degree in a specialty field such as electronics, medical science or accounting. A marketing student specializes by taking courses in a particular field to become a candidate for higher-paying positions.