It is important for any businessperson to understand all aspects of communication. Business communication is goal-oriented and must be understood by all members of an organization. Business communication allows for executives to communicate rules, policies and procedures to other employees or clients in a clear and concise manner.

Management Aspirations

Communication is the basis of effective management. Having a team of people following your instruction requires a constant flow of information from management to team members. Studying business communication provides training needed for any aspiring member of management. It is difficult to direct and control a team of people without being an effective communicator within your company.

Job Security


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An effective communicator is a vital asset to a company. If a situation arises where your company has to do layoffs and it's between several people, managers will likely look at who has the most valuable skills and keep that person. Studying business communication can give you that upper hand by helping you to be the most well-known asset in the company. You will be someone the higher-ups remember after they talk to you if you can effectively communicate.

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations


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Communications is involved in any career. Special emphasis is put on communications when dealing with marketing, advertising or public relations. These careers require daily business communication not only within the company but to communicate with clients, audiences and prospects as well. Studying business communication in conjunction with any of these areas can allow for higher promotions within a company because of a wider knowledge base.

Time Management

Effectively using your time and having a team of people working with you that effectively use their time can make or break a project. Business communication helps each member of the team to be aware of the activities of the other team members. This eliminates the chances of team members performing the same tasks more than once and in the end wasting time and money. The process of business communication allows a team to perform a task as quickly and effectively as possible.